In 2017 99.5 % of entry fees have been donated to junior golf from the teams entering the Taskers Trophy Inter-Club and the Ladies Inter-Club, for the Ian Burtoft Trophy.

The contribution to junior golf over the last eleven years has raised over circa £120,000 for Junior Golf in and around the Midlands area. Thanks to all the teams participating in the competition over the years. Monies raised have supported Junior Golf in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire and Leicestershire & Rutland….

The committee donate proceeds from the Taskers Trophy competition directly to the County Unions; and from the Ladies Taskers Trophy to Ladies Associations Junior Golf proportional to the number of teams entered in the competition from their county. The presentation of funds takes place annually at the final of the competition.

Each county receiving a proportion of the funds is asked to provide reports and outline plans of how they are using the funding presented from team’s entry fees; below is the latest reports for each participating county.

In Your County

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Derbyshire Union of Golf Clubs

The funding will be used to finance assessment days, we write to all golf clubs in Derbyshire to tell them that all their juniors are invited to assessment days. The idea of this is to identify coaching needs and to place in ability and age group bands, coaching is then given to these groups throughout the year. We also run a futures tour which consists of approximately 10 competitions spread through the year at different courses and prizes are awarded at each event and for Order of Merit for different age groups taking a number of events into account. We run a Junior Golf League and other county events which are targeted at the handicap golfer and beginers. Coaching is mainly organised in group sessions and are designed to be fun and not too intense particularly for the young and beginners.


  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 150
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Beginner, Novice Handicap, Club Handicap, County Players
Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs

The Taskers Funds will be used directly to support the development of Junior Golf in the county principally in two areas. First by supporting the Nippers Tour and coaching which supports boys and girls up to the age of 12. Secondly in the provision of winter coaching for junior boys in areas such as nutrition, strength and conditioning , course management , psychology, sort game and putting.

  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 70
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Beginner, County Players
Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union

To help fund the L&RGU Junior Training Programme for U14s, U16s and U18s in 2015-16.

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  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 75
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Club Handicap, County Players
Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs

We plan to use these funds for development of our under 14's playing squad in 2016. We are in the process of selecting this squad of 14-16 boys, and are planning a winter 2015 / 2016 program to develop their skills. They will all play in friendly matches against other Counties in 2016, and the best of them will represent Staffordshire in under 14's events run by the Midland Golf Union.

  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 16
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Club Handicap, County Players



Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs

2015 Proportion of Funding: 1% – 1 Teams
Plans for 2014 Funding:

It is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use, appropriately, in our development programme. We have a well structured development programme from our Little Imps scheme which helps develop the very young junior golfers and right through a well established pathway right up to county team level. A programme that sees some of our players representing not only the county and the midland region but also at international level. Without a well established programme our players wouldn’t have achieved such status.

Once again many thanks for your valued contribution.

Keith Moody

LUGC Junior Organiser

Sheffield Golf Union

As we continue to produce quality golfers from our union clubs this year we are joining with the Peter Cowan Academy and setting up further coaching for SUGC Junior team and up and coming juniors from the age of 10 This year we are also introducing a mini competition for youngsters without Congu handicaps from any Sheffield Union Golf Club for both boys and girls.

2013 Report

The Junior Section of the Sheffield Union is responsible for the Inter District team and all junior events throughout the year: these include the Inter Union Club team championship, the Mini tour for higher handicap juniors, Union championships for under 13, 14, 18 age groups as well as match play events.

Coaching for these boys is done at 2 levels: as a Union we employ the services of a top professional, Mr John King, based at Lindrick along with his assistants. In the past this has led to Yorkshire and England coaching with Mr Graham Walker at the Oaks GC. The Sheffield Junior Team has yet again this year won the Yorkshire Inter-District Championship winning 6 out of their 7 matches. Our continued success enabled us to include in the team for the last match 4 newly found players sourced throughout the year by our Union Junior management team from our coaching with John King.

Representation Achievements We had 7 juniors from the SUGC chosen to represent Yorkshire: Ben Brewster (Handicap +2), Jonathan Thompson (+1.5), Keelan Lowe (0), Nathan Fell (0), Greg Denton (1.7), Aaron Nairn (3), and Nathan Muffett (3). Keelan Lowe is the SUGC Junior Champion, Nathan Muffett the Yorkshire Junior Champion in their age groups. Ben Brewster has won the SUGC Order of Merit at both Junior and Senior levels.

Jonathan Thompson is now in the England Élite Squad and has just represented England in Canada.

Matt Fitzpatrick won the British Open Championship Silver Medal AND the US Amateur Championship, and is now ranked the World No 1 Amateur Golfer.

Martin Brewis - President Designate 2013 - Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs

  2014 Proportion of Funding: 1% – 1 Teams

In Your County

Derbyshire Ladies CGA

Your generous donation will go towards the changes Derbyshire Golf are implementing to its junior coaching structure from Winter 2015, including the addition of performance 5 an introduction into County golf. This introductory level will offer more opportunities for girls than in previous years and coaching sessions will be available in both the north and south of the County. A clear pathway will be identified for girls wanting to improve their golf and represent their County by moving up the coaching structure. For girls of all abilities, in addition to coaching the technical side of the game, we will continue to look at rules, etiquette, respect, course management, parent workshops, psychology and a strong work ethic . These are all important aspects and we will look to achieve these objectives via fun, competitive and some none golf related activities with an enhanced golf fixture list for both experienced and beginner junior girls. We have a new Derbyshire Junior Steering Group to manage the coaches and oversee the progress.

  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 40
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Beginner, Novice Handicap, Club Handicap, County Players
Nottinghamshire County Ladies Golf Association

We provide bursaries for selected junior girls to help them develop specific areas of their game with specialised coaches. In addition we will be continuing our on-going coaching sessions for all levels of junior golfers concentrating not only on swing but on diet, fitness and psychological aspects of the game

[peg-image src="" href="" caption="" type="image" alt="2015-Taskers-Trophy-Final520.jpg" image_size="1183x784" ]
  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 60
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Beginner, Novice Handicap, Club Handicap, County Players
Leicestershire & Rutland County Ladies

To provide additional monthly coaching sessions throughout the winter for the benefit of our junior girls across all ages and abilities to include a comprehensive programme of skill acquisition and development, as appropriate. Coaching for the U14s will include sessions on the driving range, short game area and 9 hole competitions with prizes and refreshments. For our more advanced juniors we would like to do 3 strength, flexibility and core sessions for 1 ½ hours at Loughborough University focusing on key areas. It will also get the team together indoors during the colder winter. 

  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 20
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Novice Handicap, Club Handicap, County Players
Staffordshire Ladies County Golf Association

Firstly I would like to thank Taskers UK on behalf of S.L.C.G.A. for this very kind donation and their continued efforts to support juniors and new youngsters into golf. Staffordshire ladies has continued to increase its intake of new recruits throughout the year going through the academies, with more girls entering competitions at all levels. The funding helps players develop and your funding will allow us to help certain players who don't have financial support from home. This money will also help us to put more funding into the game and develop more girls than before. Staffordshire has seen the results of these efforts over the last year with some excellent team and individual achievements.

[2014] We Have 4 different groups of girls some split by age other by ability. Our first group " Solheim" are aged 6 to 13 and there are 18 of them they have coachihg in the Spring and the Autumn. This is at 3 Hammers Golf Academy. These girls are very new to golf. The next group is development of which there is 10 , The futures is the next group of girls approx. 8 who are being channelled towards the Junior team. The last group is the Junior team and reserves. They had a team building weekend in October in Anglesey and the coach Rob Bluck from 3 Hammers went and worked with the girls on course management mainly. 11 girls were involved. To encourage our top girls( approx. 12 of them) to stay in golf and further their learning we pay some towards their entry fees in national competitions.

[peg-image src="" href="" caption="" type="image" alt="2015-Taskers-Trophy-Final521.jpg" image_size="1183x784" ]
  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 47
  • Status' of Juniors Benefiting: Beginner, Novice Handicap, Club Handicap, County Players
Yorkshire Ladies County Golf

On behalf of the YLCGA I would like to thank Taskers for their donation towards the junior training in Yorkshire. We start training with the Beginning Young Group. This is done with on the spot professionals. The next group is the Promising Young Group and they go to a centre where they receive their training from two professionals who come to the centre just for this training. There is a group of U14 and U16. They receive coaching through February, March, April and into May. Our senior Team receive their training From Steve Robinson.

All training is expensive so we are very grateful for all contributions.



Heather Cawdry