There is a range of answers on the FAQ sections for each competition please check for common questions. Otherwise please do contact us and we will help as soon as we can

Quick FAQ

Can a player use a buggy or similar?

Yes – There are no rules restricting the use of buggies or similar vehicles. However if local rules restrict their use, local rules still apply (Rule 9)

How do I update Team Captain details?

Changes must be requested and authorised by the current captain or secretary contact we have on record, we will not process changes without their authorisation.

If you are the current captain or secretary please continue to use the contact form

Can I use a caddy?

Yes you can inline with Rules of Golf – The Rules of Golf permit caddies and we have no competition rule restricting the use of a caddy.

What’s my password?

Reminder links are at the top of this page & user names have been emailed to team captains.

What tees do we play off?

Tee’s or course of play does not form part of the competition rules. Therefore the team captains must agree a course (tees) of play

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